Best Financial Calculator of 2019 – Top Picks & Buyer’s guide

Best Financial Calculator: A business is nothing but a commercial activity which involves a transaction of goods or services for a value-added element, mostly money. Businesses require huge amounts of funds or money for their long and short-term expenses and earnings. Such regular and large amounts of transaction require a separate sector called ‘Finance’ to handle them.

In terms of calculators, Financial calculators, which are specifically used for these financial purposes are produced and are currently used by many, almost all business firms. Unlike other calculators, these Financial Calculators are unsuitable for doing nay normal calculations.

These are specifically designed to perform financial functions like cash flow amounts, investment value, expenses related to loan and others.

Financial calculators are also called as electronic calculators as it involves some complex computing and functions. This is, in fact, user programmable which allows the user to manually enter the functions (the ones which are absent by default) they want the calculator to perform, in terms of financial calculations like taxes, regression, interest-rate and many more.

The most common users of these Financial Calculators are commerce or accounts students, accountants, entrepreneurs & business owners, financiers and the like.

What is the Best Financial Calculator of 2019?

There are many financial calculators that can be used for many complex financial purposes. In the following text, the best calculators will be briefed along with their pros and cons.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator is one of the best calculators used for financial purposes as it has some top-notch features and benefits, unlike other types. This type of ti ba ii plus professional calculators is produced in 2 varieties called ‘Texas BA II Plus ‘ and ‘Texas BA II Pro’, which are availed in websites like Amazon and others for purchase.

With many benefits and a few complications here and there, this product is the best partner for any financier or accountant or even accounts or commerce students who deal with complex mathematical problems every day.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

However, this calculator is permitted in certain competitive or common exams like Chartered Financial Analyst exam, Certified Management Accountants exam and GARP Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam. This proves the efficiency of this calculator and its significance in dealing with finance for a firm or any organization or event.

The main functions or features of this calculator involves its ability to perform any cash-flow analysis, Time-Value-of-Money calculations (TVM), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Depreciation in all 6 methods, Profit percentages and differences, Net Present Value (NPV) and many more such complicated financial or mathematical calculations.

  • Texas BA II Plus has the ability to store uneven cash-flows of about 24 of them.
  • It is used in many fields like Accounting, Science, Statistics, Marketing, Mathematics, Economics, Real Estate, and Finance.
  • It has a 10-digit display which prompts a prompted and a more accurate display of labels and values.
  • More easy to read the values.
  • It can edit its inputs and can also analyze the reactions to the change in the variables.
  • It is multi-operational which solves many types of complex accounting problems.
  • In terms of manually using the calculator, as a user, you will feel confident because one need not worry about any input error. This is because there will be a small clicking feeling as one presses one button.
  •  It is quite easy to learn and use, without much struggle.
  • Texas BA II Plus is comparatively cheaper than another calculator called HP 12C
  • BA II Plus is supported by many third-party materials along with step-by-step guidance as to do your calculations.
  • Though the buttons give a clicking feel which shows that the user has touched the respective button, it is still quite harder to press. This is the common notion that every user of Texas BA II Plus Calculator enlists.
  • There’s also a general comment that this calculator gives a cheap and a plasticky look.
  • It will take some time to learn the basics on how to use this calculator. If you are unaware of the specific terms used in accounts, you will find it difficult to use this initially.

HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator (NW239AA)

HP 10BII+ is a financial calculator which are used in business schools and in other financial institutions. This is a new model released by Hewlett Packard which has some great advanced features and functions which will benefit many people rather than upset them.

This calculator consists of 12-digit LCD and works on 2 CR2032 batteries so as to perform some 170 in-built business functions like time-value-of-money, IRR, NPV, standard deviation, cash flows, amortization, statistical analysis and many more.

HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator

HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator

HP 10BII+ has around 22-number memory storage and also has an easy-to-read display that has screen labels and the option to adjust the contrast to see well. Overall, this financial calculator is the most simple and easy calculator that you can use to perform any of your financial or science or economics or mathematical calculations.

These are also permitted for usage in exams like SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and even the College Board AP tests. Let us know more about the pros and cons of this calculator to know if it’s really worth a shot.

  • First of all, this is a branded product and HP is actually a reliable brand in terms of producing much digital equipment’s, especially calculators.
  • HP 10BII+ can be used as a straightforward tool because of this smooth learning curve.
  • Precise or accurate answers will be given by this calculator with just simple inputs as it has a 12-digit display.
  • This calculator calculates the answers and does display it with no mistakes.
  • There’ll be fast results which will enable you to perform more calculations, unlike any other calculators.
  • HP 10BII+ has both durability and style which will make them be used for long years.
  • This calculator is totally affordable for any class of people and is also termed as a wise decision to invest in this calculator.
  • Even in the CFP Certification Exam, this calculator is permitted for use.
  • Sometimes the calculator can have cheap buttons which can make you feel distressed or unsatisfied while clicking it. Even the coating of the buttons and the slip-on case for this calculator may sound quite un-durable and of cheap quality.
  • It only has limited editable points which restrict its usage to a certain extent.
  • Make sure you buy a reviewed product, else you may get a cheap quality product.

HP 12C Financial Calculator

HP 12C Financial Calculator is a product that comes in the series of HP Voyager series and is also the successor of HP Inc. This is also one of the oldest forms of calculators which were introduced some 30 years ago yet is still famous worldwide.

This calculator uses a reverse polish notation and is commonly used by bankers, stockbrokers and by others in the financial and banking industry. HP 12C, with all its advantageous features, enlists itself as the gold standard for calculators.

HP 12C Financial Calculator

HP 12C Financial Calculator

Some common mathematical functions and other functions like IRR, Net Present Value (NPV), uneven cash flows and the like which comes around 120 functions, are performed by HP 12C calculator.

One of the staring features of this calculator is its circuit board feature of providing a provision of a Micro-USB connection. The CR2032 battery is used for this calculator which also has 20 memory registers with an LCD display.

This calculator is permitted in different financial exams like CFA, GARP FRM, and CFP. Let us now know about the merits and demerits of this product to evaluate its star value.

  • Even though HP 12C has many attractive features and functions, it is still sold in affordable rates which enables the access to buy it for everyone.
  • People belonging to different fields like Controllers, Accountants, Auditors, Risk managers, Financial Analysts, Bank examiners, Loan officers and many more can find this HP 12C calculator very useful.
  • Any function performed by this product will be efficient and smooth and is also user-friendly which has the ability to store custom programs developed by the users.
  • It is in small size and therefore has high portability which offers many offsetting benefits as well.
  • Reverse Polish Notation which is a machine language is followed by HP 12C which enables you to just go through the manual to learn it in no-time for using the calculator.
  • It is more energy efficient, durable and is also shock resistant which leads to the long life of this calculator.
  • However, even when there are many effective specifications given to HP 12C, its actual performance is far beyond excellence.
  • Sometimes, the HP 12C calculator may not meet its high standards of quality which will lead to activities like the key getting stuck and other issues.
  • At times, even the duplication or omission of the keystrokes can be found.
  • Even some meaningless results are produced by the calculator while calculating the fractional periods.

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

HP 12CP Financial Calculator is a calculator that has a 10-digit LCD and some 30 cash flows along with 130 built-in functions like calculation of loans, conversion of interest rates, mortgage payments and even figuring out the bond prices and their yields.

Apart from these, this calculator also performs various other mathematical calculations like depreciation, % change, RPN, programming, statistic modes, algebra, forecasting, weighted mean, linear regression, correlation coefficient and the like.

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

This a high-quality and durable calculator which can be used for offering date arithmetic. It’s a calculator which runs on 1 CR2032 battery along with power-off protection.  With an energy star certified to this calculator, it states that this calculator functions more effectively and efficiently. Below are its pros and cons.

  • HP 12CP is designed in such a way that it is portable which makes it easy and handy to use.
  • It is made of high quality and is highly durable as well.
  • It performs faster than its previous models, especially HP 12C.
  • Totally affordable and is multi-operational as well.
  • The special feature of this model is the calculator’s ability to operate between RPN and algebras.
  • It is also termed as the powerhouse for doing chain arithmetic operations.
  • With great buttons and other advanced yet easy functions, this HP 12CP calculator functions as a great financial calculator.
  • In case of any depressed keys in the calculator, those keys are sometimes entered twice which results in a big error, especially in the output.
  • Clearing the display screen takes you to click 3 different buttons, which is quite different from the other calculators which follow an even more simple way.
  • The English manual CD requires an electronic device to work which acts as a burden work for the user.


HP 10bII is a financial calculator whose father is considered as 17bII+ financial calculator. This has more than 100 built-in functions which deal with CFLO, PV, IRR, FV and the like in the most efficient manner.

HP 10bII Financial Calculator

HP 10bII Financial Calculator

Even the algebraic data entries, along with an adjustable display setting constitutes the valiant features of this product. Compared to other calculators, this model is quite complicated in terms of functions but consists of an intuitive keyboard layout which brings easy-to-read labels, thereby making the product quite user-friendly.

This is also an affordable calculator and is cheap compared to HP 10BII+. To know more about HP 10BII, here are its pros and cons.

  • HP 10BII is a calculator which has a slim design thereby making it handy and easy to use.
  • This is also portable as it is not huge in size.
  • When you buy this product, you get a faux leather case along with it.
  • It is a multi-operational calculator which performs some complex calculations with ease.
  • Cheaper than other calculators, especially HP 10BII+.
  • There are no major cons for this product if the manual is read properly.
  • HP 10BII is not that easy than HP 10BII+ for use.
  • Sometimes certain keys get depressed which does not allow the user to get the key’s value register in the calculator for carrying out the calculations.
  • Though it seems a little weightless than the original 10B, its keys are bigger than those which does not give an attractive appearance.
  • In case of a misplaced or wrong manual, the user will find it difficult to operate this product.


HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator, Silver, is one of the renowned financial or business calculators used by many professionals and widely in the finance and business industry and was introduced to the market in 2003. This product is different from the others as it involves a completely different interface which involves aspects like menus and prompts.

With the best batteries in use and the manual clearer, this product is designed perfectly to make your calculations with ease. The user will also get a protective pouch along with this calculator.

HP 17BII+ Financial Calculator

The special feature of the silver edition of HP 17BII+ includes the 17BII+Fin application which is nothing but a set of enhanced menus which are built over the modified HP-17BII and HP-19BII, calculators. However, it is Kinpo Electronics which are producing this product with Sunplus Technology SPLB31A CPU. Here are some of the pros and cons of HP 17BII+:

  • The multi-functional calculator which performs various functions like Time value of money and money application, cash flow, sign conventions, periods per year, time value of money registers and the like in the most efficient manner.
  • Special discounts are available while buying this product.
  • The perfect calculator for the perfect price.
  • Has more than 250 in-built functions.
  • Has an LCD screen which ensures you see the output clearly.
  • However, as compared with other HP calculators, it is stated that the quality of this product is quite compromised.
  • The leather-like carrying case which comes along with this calculator affects the professional impact on this product.
  • The RPN MODE in this product does not work as good as in other calculators, probably because of its button design and its vertical form factor.
  • As the keys are small, some of the functions have to be called using the SHIFT key.

HP 12C Platinum Calculator

This is a simple and an easy-to-read calculator which performs various functions from RPN to algebraic data entry and many more such financial, statically and math calculations. It has a 10-digit display which makes the output more precise and accurate. It’s an updated version and that is explained with its unique features like it has around 400 steps for its keystroke programming and was introduced in the 2000s.

HP 12C Platinum Calculator

HP 12C Platinum Calculator

It also has around 130 built-in functions which make this product more useful and effective. This calculator can be used in certain exams like the GARP FRM and CFA. Around 20 memory registers are present in this HP 12C Platinum calculator.

Its battery life extends to 2 years as 1 CR2032 battery is used (limited use will always consume less energy from the battery). Here’s a brief description of HP 12C Platinum in terms of its pros and cons.

  • Its the silver coating for its upper half differentiates it from the original 12C which is coated in gold color.
  • HP 12C Platinum has around 5 variations from that of 12C which includes 2 special features.
  • It has a fast processor like the Sunplus SPLB20D2 with a 6502 core.
  • Inputs can be included in the form of algebraic mode and in 4-level classical RPN.
  • Firmware has an increased ROM size, which is even beyond the original processor.
  • There are a few awkward sequences of keys so as to solve problems, especially in the algebraic mode (in the old version).
  • The manual has to be read properly for proper usage of this calculator which will otherwise seem difficult to work with.

Calculated Industries 3405 Real Estate Master IIIX Real Estate Finance Calculator

If you want a calculator which will perform various tasks like calculating the automatic sales price, the down payment, P&I, FHA payment solutions, PITI, rent and the other finances involved in real-estate and in mortgages, the right calculator is the Calculated Industries 3405 Real Estate Master IIIX Real Estate Finance calculator.

Real Estate Finance Calculator

Calculated Industries 3405 Real Estate Master IIIX Real Estate Finance Calculator

Its battery consists of 2 3-volt lithium which makes the calculator work for more hours. It is also portable and is in fact pocket-friendly as well. The main purpose of this product is for real estate and mortgage calculations and is therefore used by such professionals (mostly).

One can also use this calculator to simplify the complex ARMs and can find balloon payments and the complete amortization calculations as well. Some of its pros and cons are:

  • When one uses this calculator, one’s confidence is boosted because of its easy utility.
  • The user can also develop their professional skills in this regard.
  • There’ll be instant solutions and outputs for any equation or inputs.
  • There’ll be a reference guide to guide you in your initial stages of using this product and will get a 1-year warranty as well.
  • Will be slightly hard to use in the absence of the reference guide.
  • Focuses mostly on aspects related to Real estate and its associates.


This version of Real estate calculator is called as the versatile and easy-to-understand calculator which performs various tasks, quite similar to that of the 3405 Real Estate calculator. These can be easily carried in your pockets and can be used for complex calculations as well. By using this calculator, you can deal with any financial aspects in terms of real estate and housing.

Calculated Industries 3415 Qualifier Plus IIIX Real Estate Finance Calculator

3415 Qualifier Plus IIIX, carried various functions like P&I, FHA Payments, PITI, and even the total buyer qualifying criteria. Even the sales price, LTV and the down payments are carried out through this calculator.

This product works on LR44 batteries which last long when used for shorter durations. The combo loans, ARMs, and bi-weekly loans are all provided in a more flexible manner.

  • Through this calculator, the user can actually know about the ‘what if’ situations as well, which makes them well-prepared in front of their client or workers.
  • This also makes the user more confident about their outputs and also makes one work on a more professional scale.
  • Even comparisons are drawn with the help of this calculator which helps one to know which offers are the best.
  • The user can increase his/her home sales by actually calculating the required details before-hand.
  • Clients can be quickly and easily pre-qualified.
  • It’s more durable and portable as well.
  • If you are not dealing with anything related to housing or real-estate, then this calculator may not be appropriate for you.
  • As it is pocket-friendly, this may lead to its displacement.
  • You’ll have a long life for the batteries only when you use in limits.


Casio FC-200V Financial calculator is a calculator with a 4-line display, which is used for certain calculations like the Dot Matrix, Amortization and the Investment appraisal which is nothing but the cash flow. Through this calculator, you can make conversions between Effective Rate and Percentage Interest rate.

Casio FC-200V Financial calculator

Casio FC-200V Financial Calculator

Starting from the simple to the compound interest rates, depreciation and other calculations can be carried out. This calculator consists of solar power along with a back-up battery for extra power. However, in the end, you’ll receive an All India Manufacturer warranty for 3 years.

  • A slide-on hard case is also bought along with the calculator, which acts protection for the calculator.
  • As G13 button battery (LR44) is used in this calculator, the battery life extends to 3 years, which is unlike any other calculator.
  • Do a lot of operations and both simple and complex ones as well.
  • It has a 14 digit display which leads to a more precise and accurate output.
  • This calculator does dot matrix solutions as well, which makes the product more efficient.
  • It is mostly applicable for math related problems while if you want solutions in other fields, then this is not the apt calculator.
  • Sometimes, the manual produced by the producer for this product may not meet the requirements of the user and can lead to more complications in how to use this product.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding this Texas BA II Plus Calculator and its relevant answers. You may find this helpful too.

  • Which calculator is best for CFA?

The CFA is an institute which conducts CFA exams, focusing on the accounting skills of an individual. This institute has approved the usage of only 2 calculators like Hewlett-Packard 12C and Texas Instruments BA II Plus for its multi-operational abilities and efficiencies.

Either one of these 2 can be used for these exams. Both have their own pros and cons, therefore, the significance of each of these calculators will vary depending upon each individual.

The one who’s going to take up this exam has two choices right in front of them, therefore they can choose anyone from these 2 based on his/her analysis or product reviews. However, apart from these 2 calculators, no other calculators are allowed inside.

  • Which company calculator is best?

The two main companies which produce the best financial calculators are HP and Texas. HP is called as the Industry Classic as it is faster, sturdier, simple and user-friendly.

Its platinum model is faster than the other calculators which prove to be even more significant for many usages. Even its AOS / CHIN language will be easy to pick-up or understand and the calculations can be easily done. Though the Texas Instruments’ calculators are more apt for beginners, it is HP which is more advanced and professional.

  • Can you use a financial calculator on the CFA Exam?

The CFA exam is guided by the principles of The Calculator Policy which states that only 2 business calculators should be used during this exam and they are: i) Texas Instruments BA II PLUS and ii) Hewlett Packard 12C ( HP 12C Platinum, 12 C Platinum 30th anniversary, HP 12C Prestige and 12C Platinum 25th Anniversary.

Apart from these two financial or business calculators, other models or brands are totally prohibited. If in case, one tends to have any unauthorized calculators in the exam hall, then they will not be able to write the exam at all.

Final Verdict of Best Financial Calculators

Business or Financial calculators are a multi-operational data which enables various accounting and financial mathematical calculations which are applicable in various fields of study and application. Though they seem kind of difficult and hard to make it handy in the initial stages, once you get used to handling those, you will never ever leave them in any locked cupboards or drawers as the calculators can be used for various purposes.

Each model has their own pros and cons, probably more pros, which shows how efficient and significant each calculator is and which does make you feel confident enough to buy it, especially if you are an accountant/commerce student/ financier. Use for need and avoid the stress to meet the desired solutions or answers.

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