Best Printing Calculator of 2019 – Top Picks & Buyer’s guide

Best Printing Calculator: Supermarkets and retailers form the most part in the business circle or flow, in fact, they are the ones who are ever in demand. They deal with all kinds of goods and ensure in taking them to the consumers in the most comfortable and effective manner of having everything under one roof or by interacting with the customers personally.

Apart from its distinguished features, these are still some great business that has to be run with a few basic attributes like account maintenance, goods and sales maintenance, staff and many more. One of the most important product that these business use is the Printing calculators so as to deal with instant, quick and easy calculations and printed outputs.

Printing calculators are nothing but calculators which come along with a printer built inside it. These are handier and are more comfortable for users who can actually have these in their workplace or at home.  They deal with various functions like calculating amount plus and less tax, the tax amount itself, total cash flow, expenses, earnings and the like. All these help one to maintain immediate accounts or even in professional accounts, these calculators play a vital role.

As they not only calculate but also print the output, its utility value is in high-scale. However, it is the best item that one can carry, if they work in the accounts department section. Let us now get to know the Top 9 Best Printing Calculators of 2019 for Supermarkets and Retailers along with their pros and cons, before you decide to buy any one of those or before you actually develop an image for this printing calculator.

What are the Desktop Printing Calculator for 2019?

Best Printing Calculator Reviews

Casio Inc. HR-100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator | Best Printing Calculator for Accountants

Casio Inc. HR-100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator is a compact and powerful printing calculator which is a perfect fit for home and office. To enable fast entry and printing, the calculator produces two lines per second. It comes with a large LCD display that can make up to 12 digits appear at a time.

Casio Inc. HR-100TM Mini Desktop Printing Calculator

It has got two color printer that differentiates positive and negative values with black and red colors respectively. The paper width is about 2 1/4 Inches and the key operations are stored in a buffer to avoid loss of data during high- speed input. It has got the capability to change sign, total the items and grand total the functions. It features tax and currency exchange functions.

To keep it from dying either an AC adaptor or four AA batteries is needed. The keys are designed in plastic for easy operations. Tax calculations are no more confusing and complex. It can be done easily with the touch of a button. HR-100TM can perform regular percentage calculations.

The model offers mark-up and mark-down capabilities of an adding machine for simplified cost and profit calculations. The values are rounded off at the fourth or fifth decimal place.

  • Large12 digit LCD display.
  • 2-color printer to differentiate between positive and negative values.
  • Key operations are stored in a buffer to keep it from losing.
  • Sign change, item total, and grand total functions
  • Tax and currency exchange functions.
  • Full decimal system; floating, fixed (0-3) with round off
  • Currency conversion
  • This calculator “CAN” print dates but not automatically
  • No reprint option
  • It is noisier

Canon P23-DH V 2 Color Mini Desktop Printing Calculator | Cannon Printing Calculator

Canon P23-DH V 2 Color Mini Desktop Printing Calculator is the generation portable printing calculator has arrived. It features time calculation for the purpose of time-based fee structures.

Canon P23-DH V 2 Color Mini-Desktop Printing Calculator

This model delivers high performance for everyday calculations. The standard printing tape size is 2.25. The model features time and date function that enables you to give a quick glance to the time and date.

It has got the ability to Perform Profit Margin Calculations with the touch of just a few keys. The display screen can display 12 digits and possess a double zero key. The printer is of higher speed printing 2.3 lines per second. This easy to use calculator is powered by any standard AC outlet and eliminates the need for expensive batteries

  • Easy to Read LCD display with12 Digits
  • High-Speed Printer
  • Replacement 4 AA batteries
  • Double zero key.
  • Profit Margin Calculation
  • Clock and Calendar function
  • Prints black and red i.e., two color printing
  • No fraction calculation
  • The display has no backlight
  • It does not have a square root key
  • The paper can only be fed in print mode.
  • The printer is noisy
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Casio HR-8TM Plus – Handheld Printing Calculator | Casio Printing Calculator

Casio HR-8TM Plus – Handheld Printing Calculator is a Portable Mini Calculator that suits perfectly for all the “on the go” accounting needs. The model is small but it is capable of producing 1.6 lines per second.

Casio HR-8TM Plus - Handheld Printing Calculator

It comes with a larger 12-digit display. The tax keys allow for easy calculation of amount plus tax, amount less tax and tax amount. The HR-8TM makes it possible quickly work on the cost, selling price and margin calculations and offers easy-to-use exchange functions for up to three national currencies at the touch of a button. This model is designed and engineered for better performance and easy use.

  • The paper is easy to install and it feels great
  • Easy to read 12 digit LCD display which is 33% larger
  • Prints up to 1.6 lines per second
  • Lightweight and portable printing
  • 4 AA batteries or AC adaptor
  • Auto-off feature
  • Cost/Sell/Margin
  • Tax Calculations
  • The printout is not dual color. It prints only in black.
  • It does not have a light display
  • No paper holder

Sharp EL-1197PIII Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator with Clock and Calendar

Sharp EL-1197PIII Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator comes with Clock and Calendar. It is ideal for heavy-duty Office use Mark-Up Key is used to perform mark-ups, cost/sell/margin calculations, percent changes, and automatic add-on/discounts.

Sharp EL-1197PIII Heavy Duty Color Printing Calculator

It can add the grand total of several calculations. The model operates on AC power and comes with dual color printing. The punctuation is sown by a blue fluorescent display. EL-1197PIII have got a 12-digit display.

The keys are engineered with micro ban antimicrobial protection to avoid discoloration and foul odors. This 12 digit calculator is a perfect choice for the everyday advanced user in a busy office setting. The calculator has got extra heavy duty durability which is perfect for power users. It also features extra large fluorescent display digits for easy viewing. It is the perfect calculator that lightens your workload.

  • The blue fluorescent display shows punctuation
  • Displays and prints date and time
  • 12-Digit display
  • 2 color printing.
  • Grand total
  • Professional keyboard layout with a left-side total key.
  • Prints 4.3 lines per second
  • 4 key independent memory with second recall memory function.
  • Engineered with Microban Antimicrobial Protection
  • Time Calculations
  • One-touch calculation of the average.
  • Noisy while printing
  • A little complicated for personal use
  • Inadequate for business
  • Roll holder is a bit poorly designed

Sharp EL-1801V Two-Color Printing Calculator

Sharp EL-1801V Two-Color Printing Calculator

Sharp EL-1801V is a Two-Color Printing Calculator which comes with a 12 digit blue fluorescent display. It can print 2.1 lines per second, 2 color ink printer. This model is suitable for a small office or home office setting. It has got a professional keyboard layout with one- touch change calculation to display and print the change requires.

It gets operated on AC power source. Cost-sell-margin keys make for quick and easy profit margin calculations. The portable model can be used for any business operations.

  • Portable
  • 2 Color Ink Printer
  • One-Touch Change Calculation Function
  • Cost/Sell/Margin keys, Grand Total and Average
  • Large 12-digit blue fluorescent display (12.0 mm)
  • Built-in, mark up, + tax, – tax, and right shift keys
  • Easy read tilt display
  • Noisy
  • No dust cover
  • No backspace button
  • No automatic shut-off

Sharp EL-1750V Two-Color Printing Calculator

This is a calculator which is frequently used in small offices or home and has some amazing features which will make its user do his/her calculations fast and easy. This calculator has 12 digit display which makes it more prone to accurate outputs.

Sharp EL-1750V Two-Color Printing Calculator

It has the one-touch change calculation function and has an antimicrobial protection built-in with Microban which depletes the fast-growing bacteria in the calculator.

With a different set of keys and a fast 2.2 LPS and 2 Colour inks to print (positive numbers in black and negative in red), this product has its own advantages and does have some disadvantages and they are:

  • One-touch change calculations
  • Profit-margins can be calculated instantly or with more ease by using the Cost-Sell margin keys.
  • Has antimicrobial protection in-built.
  • This can also be used as a cash register.
  • Has a big display and therefore the font size is also big.
  • It possesses a large 12 digit LCD Display.
  • It is AC operational only.
  • There may be issues with dried ink for printing, even the paper stock can deplete easily.
  • The batteries should be checked regularly.
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Sharp EL-2196BL 12 Digit Printing Calculator

This calculator is a Desktop Printing Calculator which has a big fluorescent display with 12 digits in blue color. Even here, 2 colors are used while printing various heavy-duty ribbon printings.

Sharp EL-2196BL 12 Digit Printing Calculator

The appearance of this product is sleeker which makes many users buy them. Sharp EL-2196BL is actually a reliable product or calculator which can be used for various printing purposes. As this is designed for professional use, this calculator consists of many complex theories and commands that make the user find this product more easy to work and reliable.

It has around 15 functions, including the in-built functions of grand total and tax calculations. This product also works for MU functions like cost/sell/margin calculations. These are mostly used by shops and other small business persons, so as to maintain a healthy and sound account.

  • As it contains a 12-digit display, it is easier for the users to read the output and is also more accurate and right.
  • Printing by this printing calculator is made instantly, as it takes just a single second to print 3.7 lines.
  • Printing happens in 2 colors to highlight the positive or negative attribute of the numbers.
  • Any user would receive a 6-month warranty.
  • It consists of 4 memory keys and also has a professional keyboard which makes it easy for the professionals to enter their data.
  • It is mostly used by professionals only.
  • Battery life has to be checked regularly.
  • When used in a professional manner, only then it becomes more reliable.

Sharp EL-2630PIII Two-Color Printing Calculator

This calculator is one of the Best Printing Calculators used commonly in the markets and home. It has a 12-digit fluorescent display and is also protected by a Microban AntiMicrobial Agent that works to fight bacteria and microbes.

Sharp EL-2630PIII Two-Color Printing Calculator

The main feature of this product that you should know is the fact that this product is produced with more efficiency and perfection which will lead to minimal errors and that too in times of over-use or wrong attempts. To understand the significance of this product, get to know its pros and cons.

  • It possesses a clock/ calendar key.
  • Calculations that involve time/any conversions are also worked out by this calculator.
  • The size of the displayed digit goes up to 17mm which is bold enough for clear visibility.
  • It is a 2 color ribbon printer which uses 2 colors to print.
  • Printing takes place very fast as 4.8 lines are printed in just a second.
  • With the help of the AntiMicrobial Agents, this product is a virus or bacteria-free.
  • Various basic mathematical sums are solved by this, especially in terms of retail business.
  • These are quite perfect only for occasional users.
  • However, it will take some time to produce the correct output if the inputs are quite complex.
  • In terms of printing, both paper and ink cartridges have to be checked regularly.
  • AC power is attached to this product which ensures that it actually works along with the calculator.

Canon CNN0181B001 Standard Function Calculator

Canon CNN0181B001 Standard Function Calculator is a 12-digit p170-dh calculator which performs various tasks like quick tax calculation, decimal positions, sign change, memory, grand total, clock/calendar function, item count and many such functions which helps a business person to take care of their accounts.

Canon CNN0181B001 Standard Function Calculator

It has a fluorescent display with 12-digits, which makes it easier for the user to know their outputs. While the positive numbers are printed in black color, the negative ones are printed in red color. Few words which can describe its features are a high-angled, extra-large, printer with an ink roller and has a fluorescent display. The other pros and cons of this calculator are

  • This printing calculator prints 2.3 lines per second which are quite fast.
  • It performs various functions which have to deal with the business operations.
  • It is available in affordable prices along with the best features.
  • It has a spacious keyboard which allows the user to work with ease and comfort.
  • It’s a serial printer with an ink roller and is also a calculator with some great features which can be used for any business purposes.
  • Even punctuations are displayed on the screen, making it even easier for the users.
  • This calculator uses only the 2-1/4” which is nothing but 57mm wide plain paper rolls for printing, while others may not be suitable.
  • Big complex problems may take time to process.
  • Ink cartridges and paper rolls should be re-filled and replace regularly and respectively.
  • In the case of ink, both black and red has to be filled, else, the user may get confused with both the positive and negative numbers.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Which the best Printing Calculator?

There are different Printing Calculators available in the market but the best one is Casio Inc, followed by Casio HR-8TM Plus. Below these are the Casio DR-210TM and Canon P23-Dh V 2 Colour Mini-Desktop Printing Calculator.

  • What is a printing calculator used for?

A Printing Calculator is used as desktop calculators especially in the financial sector of any business. Unlike the standard and the pocket calculators, the buttons and the features in these printing calculators are more and are actually easy and fast to derive any financial outputs.

Final Verdict of Best Printing Calculator

Printing calculators are the handiest and the highly used calculators in the world as it acts as a printer and a calculator (printing only the outputs). Though these require a regular check on its ink cartridges and paper rolls, these are still efficient in their performances as they perform various functions, starting from the simple addition or multiplication to the slightly complex functions like tax rates, cash flows, and the like.

Each model has their own pros and cons, probably more pros, which shows how efficient and significant each calculator is and which does make you feel confident enough to buy it, especially if you are a retailer or a business person, who needs a regular assistant in terms of money and accounts of the business. Printing Calculators are one of the best ways to carry out any accounting function and are also proved efficient by many regular users.

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